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Tech Recruitment

is an engineering and technical recruitment agency based in Bucharest, but covering a much larger area including the whole area of Romania, committed to matching people with jobs on a permanent or temporary basis.

We are focused on deliver senior specialists within Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Dedicated to the IT&C, engineering & construction, technical and executive recruitment industry Tech Recruitment Ltd are one of the region's experienced recruitment agencies and recruits for a range of roles ranging from managers, engineers, technical sales, skilled shop floor staff and technical support personnel.

No engineering or technical vacancy is too big or too small for our recruitment agency and we will help you find the perfect solution for your job or vacancy requirement.

The highly technical markets in which we operate are extremely demanding. We need to understand in great detail the specific requirements of both the companies for whom we recruit and the specialists they seek, so that we are able to bring the right people together.

Efficient, effective and economical

We recognise that the pressure on both the demand and supply sides of the market for suitable, qualified and flexible personnel is high, which is why we make the best use of our resources to provide the highest possible success rate for applicant and business alike.

We will not waste time giving false expectations but we will provide a first-class professional service to achieve successful results.

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Projects we used to work

Analog and Digital design (electronics)
Low level Programmers (assembler, compilators, C)
Database specialists (Oracle, SQL, MySql)
High level Programmers with different specialization (web, game, applications, engine, ERP’s) – C++, .net, java, php
Business and Architect Analysts (CRM solutions, SAP, Microsoft)
Telecommunication specialists (RF eng, Wireless Mobile, Optic)
System & Networking Administrators (Windows, Unix/Linux, AIX, HP-UX)

Engineers (main specializations: electrical, mechanical, civil/structures, HVAC) design engineers and execution (for consultancy engineering companies or construction companies)
Specialists - process, piping, oil & gas, automatization, instrumentation, infrastructure
QA engineers, Architects,Project Managers
Management profiles (Site Managers, Dept./Division Manager, Technical Director), Mixed profiles



Address: 22nd Dr. Petre Herescu str, District 5, Bucharest, Romania